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Africa had over 35 million International migrants by 2017 (African Union, 2019).Diaspora are recognized as key actors not only in bilateral and global affairs but, also in migration development nexus (International Organization for Migration Report, 2013). Diasporans contribute to their home countries enormously however, most noted for remittances (African Union, 2017). In Uganda alone, diaspora remitted US$1.4Bn and US$1.1Bn in 2019 and 2020, respectively(IFAD Press Release: IFAD/26/2021). Unpublished reports, have also indicated to a tune of US$1.8Bn to have been robbed of the Ugandan diaspora by family members,  relatives, friends and brokers in fake deals.

Diaspora world over, have been victims of death as a result of their remittances mismanagement at the hands of relatives. Overall, Africa Coffee Bureau (ACB), believes that leveraging the diaspora for development and, especially in coffee, would be one of the best-bet and durable legitimate plans for the African diaspora to invest back on the continent. Coffee is a perennial commodity which calls for just a one-time major investment. It’s self grooming agricultural value chain with less demanding regular field maintenance. Coffee is a multi-billion dollar global stage commodity suiting diaspora caliber investment. Profitability over the long-term especially depending on land usage and diversification plan supersedes initial investment cost.

Diaspora should find coffee venture as a very big opportunity for their retirement besides, affording climate change amelioration through carbon sequestration on farms. Diasporans stand a chance of benefiting from family labor force back home into their coffee fields in silent exchange for remittances to them. Diaspora should find coffee farms as a viable vacation resort, retreat, family reunion and and ancestral reconnecting.

Our services:

We offer highly specialized technical based coffee farm lay-out with recommended varieties that are resistant to most production constraints including pests and diseases and, tolerant to increasing climate change stresses.

The project is currently limited to Ugandan Diaspora.


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