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Couldn’t be anything else but, our real own untold African story, that of our intellectual property and, conserved tradition. The grand African story of intellectual ownership of origin of flora of genus Coffea, on earth. That very untold story of the African generosity and willingness to share its exclusive intellectual preserve and ownership to coffee with the rest of the world, that of a tradition conserved with great rich-land and its dear people. The heritage of origin of coffee, our tradition and that is the story we are telling, we are Africa Coffee Bureau (ACB).

ACB believes in coffee eco-systems that enfranchise the farmers and, elevate them even higher, in their rightful place as relevant actors in as many roles and decision making as possible.

Walking from store to store, seeking a more competitive incentive on their harvest.
Walking long distances seeking a more competitive incentive on their harvest.

The story of where we come from, the continent of the generous people, the heritage site of royal custodianship for origin of coffee than no other, on earth; the continent of the birth of coffee, coffee-our intellectual property, coffee-our golden ownership, coffee-our marriage customs and, the love of its dear people, is the African story we would always cherish to share.

Global supply volumes, batch roasters revolution, coffeehouses, coffee fests, barista and roaster competitions still wouldn’t have been, had it not been for AFRICA and its remarkable smallholder farming communities. For Africa, majority of these farms and micro-producers are women led, ranging from 150 – 400 coffee trees. Depend on coffee for social security, implying they store and only sell to obtain food, medical and child education. But, lack reliable and incentivizing markets for their commodity to adequately meet basic needs. Available offers, can only reward 70 cents of a dollar per pound of green.

Farmers are desperate, demoralized and some abandoning coffee and, this threatens their livelihoods today. However, farmers abandoning coffee, won’t stop at jeopardizing their welfare rather, a sure crisis-risk being overlooked now but, steadily grooming into dismantling stability of global supply demands.

Albeit exceptionalism and remarkable liquor experience they offer, some African coffees are still unknown in major boom and lucrative retail chain markets like, the United States. In context, this doesn’t only present an opportunity to any concerned citizen to enact for a cause but, it is the right thing to do, including the enfranchisement of the African farmers coffees. This is the logic behind ACB formulation and its budding-offspring legislations.

Our founding of ACB, is beyond imaginable. For basic terms, we work for increasing more African coffees including the little known Robustas in the arabica stalwart-consuming United States market. We are ACB because of promotion and niche market traceability, warehousing, trade negotiations and market linkages for the African farmers coffees in the United States.

We are delighted to share with you our commitment to AFRICA at the same-time, welcome you to ACB for business.