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Welcome to
Africa Coffee Bureau

We believe in African coffee’s Exceptionalism

Social-entrepreneurial hybrid model, founded on January 07 2017, out of Silver Spring city to ensure more African coffees get to the United States for a price that means most.


Profitable niche markets responsive to specific African coffees in the North American retail chain structure.


Mark the days

Promotion and Marketability

Some African coffees with remarkable cup qualities are still unknown in the United States retail chain

Ware Housing

Numerous African coffee businesses lack presence in the United States retail chain

African woman and Ownership in coffee

The scanty micro-producers have to bulk together to consolidate the needed global volumes that makes it possible for the industrial economies

August 2021: at Walk of Fame, HOLLYWOOD . Promoting Uganda Coffee in Los Angeles, California.

Our Story

The heritage of origin of coffee, our tradition and that is the story we are telling, we are Africa Coffee Bureau (ACB).

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