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Niche Market Traceability – Chicago 2022

Numerous African coffees with remarkably incredible intrinsic bean and cup qualities are still unknown in premium industrial markets, United States inclusive. And, the African coffee volumes coming to the United States are still too small.

ACB formulation is intended to see more African coffees including the little known Robustas come to the United States arabica stalwart-consuming retail structure.

The ACB novel promotional outreach-oriented niche market traceability tours to the various cities across the United States, therefore; aims at increasing specialty buyers and batch-roasters pool in joint cupping sessions for appraisal and appreciation of the little known or completely unknown African coffee collections for niche market discovery and uptake.

Facts and Rationale for Niche Market Traceability Tour: Chicago June, 2022
  • For the United States, coffee accounts for US$100Bn market share of her total GDP.
  • Coffee implicated the United States GDP to a tune of US$225‧2Bn ( in the fiscal year 2015, in terms of taxes, logistics and other associated services along the value chain.
  • Roasting segment is estimated to US$48Bn, Specialty Coffee Association Report (2019).
  • Coffeehouses retail accounts for US$26Bn, Specialty Coffee Association Report (2019).
  • At-home brewing accounts for US$14Bn, Specialty Coffee Association Report (2019).

In prior, it’s logical for more promotional events and activities leading to niche market discovery and traceability in this United States lucrative market for enfranchisement of the African coffees. Currently African coffees earn 70 cents per pound of green bean elsewhere thus, opening up more markets the United States is justifiable.

Africa Coffee Bureau, welcomes you to niche market traceability tour, Chicago: June 2022.

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Jun 17 2022 - Jul 18 2022


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