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Numerous African coffees with remarkably incredible intrinsic bean and cup qualities are still unknown in premium industrial markets, United States inclusive. African coffee volumes coming to the United States are also too small. ACB formulation intended to see more African coffees including the little known Robustas come to the United States arabica stalwart-consuming retail structure.

March 2018: Coffee Fest- Baltimore, USA. Tracing with Nashiville, TN based Vienna Coffee Roasters.

The ACB novel promotional outreach-oriented niche market traceability tours to the various cities across the United States; aims at increasing specialty buyers and batch-roasters pool in joint cupping sessions to appreciate the little known or completely unknown African collections for niche market discovery and uptake.

  • The ACB novel niche market traceability and discovery undertaking, is an on-going project implemented on special individual client contractual basis request as well as, in-house bureau quarterly based.

Our services:

  1. Private origin tours and traceability to various agro-ecological niche destinations in East Africa.
  2. Private niche market traceability tours and events to strategic retail destinations in the United States (Matchmaking between niche origin and specific responsive niche markets).
  3. Warehousing and logistics; Nurturing ample retailing for farmer coffees in strategic niche market destinations in the United States.

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