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  1. Niche coffees and Origin traceability:
    Commodity authenticity is incredibly central in the retail supply chain and networking. The roasting segment revolution in the United States retail is highly sophisticated and galvanized around consistency in the intrinsic bean and cup quality reputation, reliability in the supply chain and, sustainability issues. Roasters are ever costing on origin trips for appreciation purposes, wishing to talk to individual farmers, cooperatives and single estates about their aspirations and interests of the coffees they want. We undertake and lead niche origin trips of interested parties to East Africa above of all, origin sourcing and traceability.

  2. Promotion and Niche market traceability:
    Numerous African coffees with remarkably incredible intrinsic bean and cup qualities are still unknown in premium industrial markets, the United States inclusive. Secondly, the African coffee volumes coming to the United States are still very small. Africa Coffee Bureau (ACB) formulation was therefore, logical and strategic on how to galvanize on increasing the African coffee volumes, including the unknown or less heard about Robustas to the Arabica stalwart-consuming United States market.

  3. Warehousing and Logistics:
    Undertaking and implementing low-cost responsive warehousing and logistics for our royal clients including individual farmers, single estates and cooperatives. Besides conventional trading, warehousing within market destination industrial nations, shall graduate the farming communities to warehousing retail-based sales “holding-on” that further nurtures incentive inclined retail marketing and auction.

  4. Trade negotiations and Market linkages:
    Benchmark farmer premium rewards and incentives through sensible negotiations and agreements. Empowering farmers to lead in benchmarking and negotiations for competitive prices rather than inheriting third party dictated decisions. In this effort, we implement matchmaking between niche origin coffees stakeholders and specific responsive niche markets under farmer upper hand influence.

  5. African woman and Ownership in coffee:
    The scanty micro-producers have to bulk together to consolidate the needed global volumes that makes it possible for the industrial economies including the United States US$100Bn coffee market boom. For Africa, majority of these farms are women led, ranging from 150 – 400 coffee trees. Depend on for social security, implying they store and only sell to obtain food, medical and child education. Lack adequate market and available options pay them 70 cents/dollar per pound of green.

  6. Retail chain innovations: 
    ACB is broadening opportunities and ventures including African woman private label and brands, diaspora coffee acre and COFET-Retreat