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Africa Coffee Bureau
Uganda Coffee Promotion and Niche Market Traceability: June 2021 at Uganda Mission, Washington, DC.

Who We Are

Africa Coffee Bureau (ACB), is a social-entrepreneurial hybrid model, founded on January 07, 2017, out of Silver Spring city to ensure more African coffees get to the United States retail chain structure for a price that means most.


Excellence in promotion and sustainable competitive market-oriented linkages that ensure premium incentives and profitability for the African coffees.


Profitable niche markets responsive to specific African coffees in the North American retail chain structure.

3-point Strategic Plan

ACB outlines 3-point strategic plan to heighten promotion and niche market traceability, envisaged to translate into increased absorbance of African coffees in the United States retail structure that warrants farmers boom incentives and profitability by;

  1. Enfranchise African Robustas in the enormously Arabica saturated-stalwart consuming United States.
  2. Hasten promotion and creation of niche markets for both African Robustas and Arabicas.
  3. Broker trade negotiations between African farmers and American Roasters.


  • I. Negotiate for at least US$2.0/lb. of green up from US$70 cents/lb. regardless of the commercial grade (Robustas or Arabicas), while increasing the African coffee volume share on the United States market.
  • II. Par-take necessary due diligence in commodity promotion and cup profiling vigor, strategic retail chain entry-point mapping, niche traceability, and creation of novel niche markets with premium incentive rewards and responsiveness to specific origin African coffee collections in the United States market.
  • III. Discover novel niche markets responsive to African Robustas in the enormously Arabica saturated-stalwart consuming United States in addition, to expanding on the narrow African Arabica market-base.
  • IV. Design and start-up value addition investment lines leading to reasonably cheaper, affordable yet profitable retail consumer brands for AFRICA and United States markets, science innovations and technologies generation inclusive.
  • V. The 4-point purpose pathway above, is envisioned to translate into increased incomes in general terms, and on per pound of green bean micro-lot derived from the 150 – 400 coffee tree plot-farm model peasantry structural economy for sustainable rural livelihoods improvement in AFRICA.