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  1. MOTive model is an Africa Coffee Bureau (ACB) innovation, “in-house acclaimed-Intellectual Property (IP)”; a classical-working tool, created to trace niche markets for farmers’ coffee. The model in its current development, is still undergoing consolidation to perfection.

  2. MOTive model is fundamentally created to help support the African farmers trace premium incentivized niche markets for their coffees in the United States of America. The model design is strategic and inclusive to fully allow for policy implementation and governance in achieving our shared vision of “Profitable niche markets responsive to specific African coffees in the North American retail chain structure”.

  3. MOTive model though fundamentally targeting the United States retail, it is predicted to apply on industrial consumer markets elsewhere including, European Union, Japan, South Korea and UAE, among others.

  4. “MOTive” is a hybrid-code evolving from 2 species codes; MOT and ive
  5. MOT code, stands for;
    a. M – Market (Niche Market)
    b. O – Origin (Niche Origin)
    c. T – Traceability (Niche Traceability)

  6. ive code;
    i. Refers to “active”.
    ii. In the ACB context; ive implies beating like “the heart beat”

  7. MOTive model is the living heart of Africa Coffee Bureau functionality, comparable to the sinoatrial node (PACE-Maker) in the heart anatomy.

  8. MOT-ive model is the PACE-Maker for creation and fast-tracking novel niche markets for the African coffees in the industrialized consumer nations, United States retail chain structure inclusive.

  9. MOT-ive model is constituted of 4 market development elements;

    a) Niche Origin:
    Refers to individual farmers, single estate farms, associations, cooperatives and unions and their coffees right at the farm. They are the farming communities with main responsibility to grow coffee for the world.

    b) Niche Traceability Facility:
    Refers to Africa Coffee Bureau (ACB) and Coffee Farm Experience Tour and Retreat (COFET-Retreat). ACB is a social – entrepreneurial business with a mission to see more volumes of African coffees get the United States market and, to trace niche markets with premium incentives and rewards for enfranchising the African farmers.

    c) Niche Sustainability: Refers to a sample of noble community of “assumed stakeholders” pointed at to see grooming of niche markets for the African farmers’ coffees in the United States. This community is hypothesized to assist in some role to groom, galvanize, consolidate and conserve niche markets for the purpose as legislated in our shared vision represented by ACB. To ably, sustainably do the 4 things (grooming, galvanizing, consolidating and conserving), it calls for a cooperation at different levels in an integrated manner. The Mot-ive model assumes it’s success in seeing profitable niche markets for the African farmers’ coffees in the United States shall depend on the Niche Sustainability development element.

    d) Niche Market: Refers to the niche buyers of the African farmers’ coffees. It implies the batch and specialty coffee roasters, medium and large grocery retail stores and coffeehouses retails, specialty coffee buyers and associated premium rewards and incentive offers.
  10. The Africa Coffee Bureau MOT-ive model, inspires profitable niche markets responsive to specific African coffees in the North American retail chain structure.