Saleh Nakendo
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Coffee trained scientist and a leader at ACB since January 2017. Responsible for ACB’s corporate strategy, innovation and sustainability. Chief advocate and promoter for African Robustas in the United States arabica consuming retail chain. Contributor to best-bet coffee harvest, postharvest handling protocols and Ochratoxin (OTA) management in the African scenario.

Moses Sekandi
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Business management and at ACB since October 2019. Leads in promotion, marketability and trade negotiation. Ensuring fulfillment of all Bureau undertakings, cliental interests, branding and marketing. Contributes to ACB’s corporate outlook.

Mariam Nagadya
Chief Communications Officer

London trained lawyer and serving ACB since June 2018. The coffee groomed legal is advisor to CEO and directs ACB’s corporate affairs and communication. Undertaking keen interest in international coffee laws, trademarks and advocacy.

John Wanda

ACB senior advisor and a member of the CEO board.

Business Committees

The ACB runs business through ground committees under the overseer of the COO on behalf of management.

  • Promotion, trade negotiations and marketing
  • Commodity sourcing and traceability
  • Innovation and branding
  • Strategy, Sponsorship and Corporate Affairs